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Design Renathe Schneider
Handcrafted Plastic Jewelry - Örebro - Sweden

To order a ring you have to know your ring size.
Please measure the diameter inside a ring that fits you.

Please use this chart below to find the right size for you:

Ringsize 4 1/2 (0.601 inch or 15.27 mm)I recommend SMALL
Ringsize 5 (0.618 inch or 15.70mm) I recommend SMALL
Ringsize 5 1/2 (0.634 inch or 16.10mm) I recommend SMALL
Ringsize 6 (0.650inch or 16.51mm) I recommend SMALL
Ringsize 6 1/2 (0.666 inch or 16.92mm) I recommend MEDIUM
Ringsize 7 (0.682inch or 17.32mm) I recommend MEDIUM
Ringsize 7 1/2 (0.698inch or 17.73mm) I recommend MEDIUM
Ringsize 8 (0.714inch or 18.14mm) I recommend LARGE
Ringsize 8 1/2 (0.730inch or 18.54mm) I recommend LARGE
Ringsize 9 (0.746inch or 18.95mm) I recommend LARGE
Ringsize 9 1/2 (0.762inch or 19.35mm) I recommend LARGE

If you are unsure...please let me help you.

The acrylic ring part is open and you can adjust the size of the ring a little bit  by heating it up with a hairdryer until it is warm and soft enough to carefully squeeze it together or pull it apart. A little description will follow your order.
( You can not change small to large or vice versa )
I do not recommend to change the size of the ring part when it is a rings with insects! A very hot hair dryer could develop a thin layer of air on the wings and body.

Note! You can only order one of each in my shop.

As soon as I get an order I will replace the sold ring or necklace in the shop with another picture so please come back and visit me often.
( Sometimes it happens that more than one person order the same piece before I get a chance to replace it but, whoever that comes first gets it.)

Don´t forget to read the order and shipping information!

All jewelry are signed with my name.

Best regards from









Renathe Schneider
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Last revised: January 05, 2014