To order a ring you have to know your ring size.
Please measure the diameter inside a ring that fits you.

Please use this chart below to find the right size for you:

Ringsize 4 1/2 (0.601 inch or 15.27 mm)I recommend SMALL
Ringsize 5 (0.618 inch or 15.70mm) I recommend SMALL
Ringsize 5 1/2 (0.634 inch or 16.10mm) I recommend SMALL
Ringsize 6 (0.650inch or 16.51mm) I recommend SMALL
Ringsize 6 1/2 (0.666 inch or 16.92mm) I recommend MEDIUM
Ringsize 7 (0.682inch or 17.32mm) I recommend MEDIUM
Ringsize 7 1/2 (0.698inch or 17.73mm) I recommend MEDIUM
Ringsize 8 (0.714inch or 18.14mm) I recommend LARGE
Ringsize 8 1/2 (0.730inch or 18.54mm) I recommend LARGE
Ringsize 9 (0.746inch or 18.95mm) I recommend LARGE
Ringsize 9 1/2 (0.762inch or 19.35mm) I recommend LARGE

If you are unsure...please let me help you.

The acrylic ring part is open and you can adjust the size of the ring a little bit  by heating it up with a hairdryer until it is warm and soft enough to carefully squeeze it together or pull it apart. A little description will follow your order.
This is not recommended for rings with insects!
( You can not change small to large or vice versa )

I started making jewelry in 1980. My first attempt was with clay which I formed into beads, burned in a kiln and then painted with bright colors and fun patterns. The end result became necklaces.

Thereafter I started working with lots of different types of materials. I took a silversmiths class. I had lots of fun working with plastic clay. I experimented with just about everything from semi precious stones to plastic rods. Then I got my hands on a book that would change my life......

It was a hobby book from the 70's that explained the many possibilities of casting jewelry with polyester resin.
I was completely overwhelmed with the pictures of the brightly colored rings made of plastic. It was the year of 1990.

With many years to experiment my work has gone through many radical changes and along with the casting techniques I used I eventually developed my own style. The material I use is polyester resin.
The designs  are hand painted. Most of the designs are my own but I also use traditional geometric designs and get a lot of inspiration from folk-art around the world. I also cast objects into my rings, from pretty sea shells to dead insects.  (which have all died of natural causes)

After the plastic hardens there is still a lot of work left to do. The plastic bits must first be sanded ,then polished several times to give them the almost glass appearance. The actual ring pieces are cut out of sheets of acrylic commonly known as "Plexiglas". Then all of these must be sanded, polished warmed up and then bent to different sizes forming the actual piece that goes over the finger. Since a few years ago I've been making jewelry on a full time basis. I don't have any employees so it can get rather lonely but,
I discovered audio books at the library which keep me company instead.



Renathe Schneider
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